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We’ve taken one of the world’s most classic ice cream flavours and turned it into one of the best ice cream flavoured vape juices on the market! Our Neapolitan ice cream flavour e-liquid is wildly accurate and we absolutely nailed the vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry combination. Neapolitan by Cream Team will have you taking a trip down memory lane and putting a truly nostalgic twist on your vaping experience!

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Neapolitan ice cream has withstood the test of time as one of the most iconic ice cream flavours ever created. It was originally created to combine multiple flavours into one package that was easy to produce and transport.

While Neapolitan ice cream can be found in many variations around the globe, we decided to pursue a flavour profile that encompassed the original 3 flavours: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. The end result was our world famous Neapolitan ice cream flavoured vape juice.

If you love classic ice cream flavours and are looking for a splash of nostalgia in your vaping experience, Neapolitan by Cream Team is arguably the best option available! Take a trip down memory lane and experience the unique blend of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavours that are hard to find in a vape juice made by any manufacturer!

Cream Team is one of the world’s favorite brands of ice cream flavoured vape juice, and we pulled out all the stops to get this classic ice cream e-liquid dialed into its perfect form. Get your hands on this iconic flavour today and learn why the world has fallen in love with Neapolitan by Cream Team!

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120ML – 0mg – Short Fill

Frequently Asked Question's

  • How much nicotine is in Neapolitan vape juice?

    We currently offer this e-liquid with 0mg of nicotine.
  • What sizes are available in Neapolitan vape juice?

    We currently offer the 0mg in a 100mL size
  • What other flavours of juice does Cream Team make?