Strawmelon Apple Ice Short Fill


This is not your average strawberry vape juice by any means! A wildly accurate combination of ripe strawberries, crisp & refreshing red apples, and sweet reduction of juicy watermelon make up the flavour profile of Strawmelon Apple. These fruity flavours blend neatly together with our subtle, minty cooling effect to create a tasty tropical vape juice that will tantalize your taste buds!

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In a league of its own, Strawmelon Apple by Ice Monster creates an extremely unique flavour profile that rivals any premium tropical fruit vape juice blend on the market. Unlike other mint and menthol eliquids, our cooling effect is a bit more subtle, allowing this vape juice to be puffed all day long without irritating the throat.

As you inhale Strawmelon Apple vape juice, strawberry flavour tingles on each taste bud as its sweet taste sends you off to paradise. Then, a sweet watermelon flavour and a complimentary crisp apple taste quenches your thirst. As you exhale, an ice-cold menthol stream cools you down just enough to make you feel like you’re sitting beachside, sipping on a fruity cocktail.

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120ML – 0mg – Short Fill

Frequently Asked Question's

  • How much nicotine is in Strawmelon Apple vape juice?

    We currently offer this e-liquid with 0mg of nicotine and 20mg of salt nicotine.
  • What sizes are available for Strawmelon Apple?

    We currently offer the 0mg in a 120mL size and the 20mg salt nic in a 10mL size.
  • What other smoothie vape juice flavours does Monster Vape Labs make?