PB & Strawberry Jam Nic Salt


This perfectly crafted limited edition vape juice starts off with a blast of creamy, nutty peanut butter followed up by sweet strawberry jam. We’ve also infused a subtle blend of buttered toast flavour throughout each puff. With both sweet and savory notes blended together perfectly, PB & Strawberry Jam Monster provides a vaping experience unlike anything else you can find on the market.

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You just simply can’t go wrong with peanut butter and strawberry jam smeared on buttered toast for the perfect sweet & salty sandwich. At Monster Vape Labs, we’ve taken significant steps to perfect our limited edition PB & Jam eliquid lineup, with strawberry being the flagship flavour.

Our most popular blend of strawberry vape juice and peanut butter vape juice, this variation in the Jam Monster series is both a fan favorite and a top seller in the UK and world wide!

This unique ejuice is packed with strawberry jam flavours blended with a rich peanut butter after taste. Our premium strawberry eliquid has all of the flavour you should expect from Jam Monster with none of the harshness that other brands can’t seem to overcome. Get your hands on this one of a kind flavour today!

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10ML – 20mg Salt Nicotine

Frequently Asked Question's

  • How much nicotine is in PB & Jam Strawberry vape juice?

    We currently offer this e-liquid with 0mg of nicotine and 20mg of salt nicotine.
  • What sizes are available in the Strawberry version of PB & Jam Monster?

    We currently offer the 0mg in a 100mL size and the 20mg in a 10mL size.
  • What other flavours of peanut butter vape juice does Jam Monster make?